Groups and Activities

Our residential home has groups and activities for all seasons. Our weekly activities include game night and events driven by interest from our residents. With the assistance of our Nurses and Direct Professional Staff, our residents become successful and contributing members of society while developing viable social skills.

Resident Support and Training

Open Arms Housing MN works one-on-one with our residents in areas not limited to symptom management, conflict resolution, communication skills, social interaction skills, mental health coping mechanisms, medication management, etc.

Additional Services


Skilled Nursing

Our nurses work with each patient to ensure they are receiving the proper care they deserve



Staff support clients with organization and cleaning (i.e laundry). We maintain a spotless and inviting house consistently.



All meals are prepared and served by site staff. Clients can look over an assortment of healthy and solid decisions from the menu.


Medication Management

Our highly trained staff manages each client's medication and give clarification of medications to clients on a case by case basis.



Staff will provide assistance in grooming to all of our clients.



Staff will provide transportation needs to our clients.


Continence care

Staff provides assistance to our clients to ensure their well-being


Planned Outings

We make it abundant to get fresh air and enjoy nature


Behavior Management

We understand our clients might be frustrated and behave unresonably. This is why we take the time to understand their frustrations and allow them to learn new ways to release their anger